Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning covers all types of industrial water applications. From recirculated wash water in car washes, reducing energy and water savings in cooling towers, to bacteria control in water-based metalworking lubricants and parts rinsing operations. Cleaning and disinfection are critical to reducing the spread of the virus. Some viruses can live on surfaces for hours to days, so surfaces must be properly maintained to prevent the spread of infection. Ozone is a strong oxidant and acts as a natural bactericide. Sanitization with ozone water does not require dangerous chemical disinfectants, ozone water is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disinfection products.

The germicidal properties of BioSure Professional Electrolytic Ozone Water are often compared to bleach. However, one of the benefits of ozone water is that it does not leave harmful chemical residues or unpleasant odors. In fact, ozone works 3,000 times faster and 50 times more efficiently than chlorine. After the sanitation process, ozone is easily converted into oxygen molecules without any harmful by-products being emitted.

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