Core Technology

Electrolytic Hydrogen

Through continuous improvements and breakthroughs, BES Group developed an innovative membrane electrode ozone generator (EOG) in 1996, based on the problems of various environmental factors encountered by the corona method. The formation of hydrogen is inherent in the technology of membrane electrodes.

BES uses the same principles to develop a high-standard membrane electrode hydrogen generator (EHG), which uses DuPont nano platinum film for high performance.

EHG hydrogen purity exceeds 99.999%, which contributes to better dissolution efficiency and works indoors. It’s a revolutionary technology with high performance, high stability, and high safety.

With this technology, BES Group has obtained more than 50 patent certifications in the United States, Japan, the European Union, China and other countries, and has become the world’s leading supplier of membrane electrode hydrogen generators. We are the technology leader in generating hydrogen.

What is Hydrogen?

Most of the hydrogen in nature is distributed in outer space, and it makes up various elements and substances in the universe.

Due to its extreme compatibility with with oxygen, hydrogen is natural reducing agent and is used in antioxidant applications. In biomedicine, as early as 1975, research was conducted on the hydrogen treatment of tumors.

In 2007, Japanese scholars discovered that it is beneficial to breathe 2% of hydrogen or drink saturated hydrogen-rich water and absorb hydrogen through the digestive tract to neutralize hydroxyl radicals.

Hydrogen & Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen is a stable gas that has been used in diverse equipment for more than 50 years. It’s been proven that hydrogen has no side effects on the human body.

In 2007, Japanese scholars pointed out that breathing 2% of hydrogen or drinking saturated hydrogen water can selectively neutralize hydroxyl radicals. Hydrogen water is water in dissolved hydrogen molecules and we can take it as a supplement through drinking hydrogen water daily.

According to Japan’s Hydrogen Medical for Health Certification Group, the concentration of hydrogen water must exceed 0.6ppm (more than 600 ppb) to be considered hydrogen water, and must have a pH of 6.8 to 9.0. Both peroxy  acid and over-base water are not suitable for human consumption.

Safe Technology

The amount of gas that can be dissolved per unit of water molecules is limited, so the purity of the source of hydrogen gas will determine the concentration of hydrogen water after dissolution. If the source of hydrogen gas is not pure, other gases will be also dissolved in water.

The purity of hydrogen gas generated by BES Group EHG is as high as 99.999%.

In addition to pure hydrogen, hydrogen water does not contain other substances, and the hydrogen concentration is extremely high at up to 1,300 ppb.

Dissolution Technology

1,300 ppb or More of High Concentration Hydrogen Water 

BES Group hydrogen water concentration is as high as 1,300 ppb, and with patented dissolution technology, it overcomes difficulties in stably dissolving hydrogen in water on the market, as well as producing highly saturated hydrogen water.

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