As people demand more variety in beverages in bars and restaurants, ice hygiene and safety must keep improving to meet consumer standards. Modern operating procedures (HACCP) require stable, safe, and fast professional disinfection equipment to help improve beverage and ice safety, and microbiological control.

The use of ozone has now spread throughout much of the beverage industry where it is used in manufacturing plants that bottle everything from beer and wine, to soft drinks and juices.

BioSure Professional’s line of ozone disinfection equipment provides safe, bacteria-free ozonated water systems and ozone sanitizing water equipment for beverage filtration and water lines, including ice machines and draft beer lines, keeping customers safe and helping business owners save on the direct and indirect costs of chemical sanitation. BioSure Professional also provides a natural sanitizer that extends the time between maintenance and cleaning without affecting taste while creating a positive customer experience.

Case Studies

How Ozonated Water Works

How Ozonated Water Works

Ozone is one of the world’s most powerful oxidizing agents, as it readily removes organic and...

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