Home Disinfection & Sanitization

Combining advanced health science and demands for healthy living, Biolux provides a full range of products to satisfy the need of laundry, multipurpose disinfection, personal hygiene and wellness, and more.

Under protection of ozone, we can live safely. Ozone quickly kills pathogens and microbes, and decomposes pesticides without leaving chemical residuals.

BES Group’s ozonated water generators have been validated by Campden BRI, the most important food safety and disinfection test in the UK, for its oxidative power of 99.999% while leaving no chemical residuals. 

BES Group has developed a series of health home appliances for consumers who want to live a healthy and natural lifestyle, and seeking all-time protection from high concentration ozonated water.

Case Studies

How Ozonated Water Works

How Ozonated Water Works

Ozone is one of the world’s most powerful oxidizing agents, as it readily removes organic and...

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