Protecting Yourself at Home from Covid-19 with Misting Aqueous Ozone

Since Covid-19, many of us are hesitant to go outside, socialize, and get back to our old routines. Wearing masks and sanitizing our hands when we touch something is the new norm. But we are safe at home, right? Not exactly. You don’t have to go outside to come in contact with pathogens. There are viruses and bacteria in your bedroom. Recent news suggests that you are more likely to catch Covid-19 in your living room than outside.

Bacteria and Virus Danger Zones at Home

While we may not be able to clean or control what’s outside of the front door, there are some ways to protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses at home. In this article, we are going to look at some danger zones in your home that make you susceptible to virus infection, and why ozone mist is the best sanitization method for eliminating them.


There are microbes living on and on your sofa. Sofa cushions are the perfect habitat for microorganisms to grow and reproduce. The sofa where you snack, invite people to sit, and take naps accumulates particles and microbes over time. But vacuuming and wiping down the cushions is not enough. Your sofa may look clean to the naked eye, yet still, host bacteria and viruses. 


You might feel safe on your bed but your bedsheets can make you sick. Dust mites and bacteria are microorganisms that can cause asthma, hay fever, flu, and food poisoning. Considering how close that pillow is to your face and how much of your body is in contact with the bed, sanitizing your bed is highly recommended. About one in four of us wait as long as one month before we wash our bedsheets. But bedsheets are literal hotbeds for numerous kinds of bacteria and viruses linked to gonorrhea and pneumonia


The place where you clean yourself might need sanitizing the most. Bathrooms are humid and warm, creating the ideal environment for bacteria and mold to grow. Bacteroidaceae (bacteria from feces), E.coli, streptococcus, and salmonella are common types of bacteria found in bathrooms. Every time you flush your toilet without the lid down, these bacteria can spread onto the sink, doorknobs, and even your toothbrush. An average toothbrush contains 200,000 bacteria per square inch, over 600 times more than an average toilet seat. Thus, the importance of keeping your bathroom clean cannot be overstated. 

The Problem with Traditional Disinfection 

Most disinfection solutions use harsh chemical mixtures to kill bacteria and viruses. While these chemicals may be effective, they can also be harmful to humans and the environment over the long term. And because they can be dangerous, it’s important to wear gloves, ventilate the area, and evacuate the room after disinfection. 

Introducing the BioSure Space Sanitizer System (SSS) with Misting Ozone

BioLux’s Space Sanitizer System uses patented electrolytic oxidation technology to produce high purity ozone mist which is then mixed and misted throughout the space with the push of a button. Ozone is a natural disinfectant that reacts much faster than chlorine and other chemical disinfectants. It’s also more effective in disinfecting surfaces. 

Ozone disinfects by oxidizing and disabling harmful compounds or microbes, and then it turns into harmless oxygen after the job is done. Electrolytic ozone mist is safely mixed and misted into the environment for air and surface sanitation. A Space Sanitation System converts water into high purity ozone mist that can eliminate 99.999 percent of pathogens instantly while remaining safe for skin contact, and it leaves no harmful chemical residues.

As ozone mist turns into oxygen right after it takes effect, you can safely use it in rooms with personal items like bedsheets and those dirty toothbrushes in the open without worrying about chemical residues. This also means there won’t be that headache-inducing odor while you clean. Ozone also oxidizes and removes foul-smelling chemicals. 


Ozone mist is a sanitation method that does not require using chemicals, meaning it’s safe to contact against the skin and it’s eco-friendly. The SSS uses a mist dispersal system with concentrated ozonated water that is up to 0.1ppm to ensure that it can eliminate 99.999 percent of pathogens, and it’s 3000 times more reactive and 50 times more potent than chlorine-based sanitizers. It’s a powerful odor remover as well, which can freshen the space while you clean.

It’s easy to use. The SSS only needs tap water and electricity to produce high concentration ozonated mist without any harmful by-products. The SSS is easy to store and not too heavy to transport. Easily move it from room to room when you are cleaning to conveniently and quickly sanitize an area.

Keep Your Home Safe and Clean with Electrolytic Ozone

Home is where we relax and spend quality time with our loved ones. We want it to be a safe harbor. The last thing we want is to watch TV with bacteria, brush our teeth with hundreds of thousands of bacteria, and then go snuggle up with bed bugs (or worse). We also want to avoid using and exposing ourselves to toxic chemicals while cleaning.

The electrolytic ozone mist that the SSS provides you with is a sound solution for home sanitization. It is safe, chemical-free, easy to operate, lightweight, and effective.