Disinfecting Home Plumbing with Ozonated Water

In the age of COVID-19, the ability to sanitize surfaces in the home with water that comes out of the tap brings peace of mind for almost every homeowner. This isn’t science fiction. A single electrolytic ozone generator attached to your home water line can deliver both drinkable water (post-filtration) and a sanitizing solution on demand, that leaves no chemical residue or pungent chemical odors in the air. 

The emergence of ozone for home use

The first water plant for ozone was established in France in 1906, while the commercial use of ozonated water spans decades. Over time, ozone was approved for use by the US FDA. Ozone generators then began being manufactured to harness this gas’s beneficial properties to sanitize large volumes of water. 

As consumers become familiar with ozone and its benefits, demand for domestic ozone technology increased. Ozone technology manufacturers started making smaller versions of ozone generators. Direct electrolytic ozone generators are the latest in the process of innovation. They produce a higher concentration of ozone in smaller-sized devices. Ozone technology is highly effective as a disinfectant for home plumbing. But before we discuss its benefits, let’s take a moment to learn how an ozonated water treatment system works. 

How Do Ozonated Water Generators Work?

When water is treated with a low dose of electricity, it produces ozone. Since ozone is a reactive gas that quickly reverts back to oxygen, it can easily be created with electrolytic ozonated water generators. The water passes through an electrolytic ozone generator with a low voltage electric charge, producing a powerful disinfectant and sanitation agent.

The Best Method for Eliminating Odors and Minerals 

The traditional method of eliminating odors and unwanted minerals requires a cocktail of chemical disinfectants. These chemicals increase the level of potassium permanganate to oxidize minerals and odors. Potassium permanganate, however, is a dangerous gas that can irritate the lungs, and cause shortness of breath. At higher exposures, this gas can cause pulmonary edema (a build-up of fluid in the lungs), which is a medical emergency. Ozone, by comparison, is simply a form of oxygen with three molecules represented as O3. Ozonated water quickly reverts into oxygen after use and leaves no residue behind. Customers around the world are now moving towards ozonated water as a disinfectant for their homes and businesses thanks to its robust sanitation properties and lack of harmful side effects.  

Ozone as a Disinfectant in Home Plumbing 

Ozone can be used to treat drinking water and disinfect home plumbing. There are two plumbing configurations used to infuse ozone in-home water lines.

Turning tap water into ozonated water as a disinfection agent 

An electrolytic ozone generator like the Water Sanitation System (WSS) can be attached to a home’s plumbing on the other end of a water filtration system to be used as a sanitizing agent. If the ozone reaches a concentration of 2ppm, it becomes a disinfecting solution, handy for disinfecting fruit and produce, disinfecting hands, and wiping down surfaces. In a post-Covid world, this can be a reliable way to keep your home surfaces sanitized, as to prevent surface infection of Covid-19 as well as bacteria and viruses that cause the common cold. At a concentration of 2ppm, it’s not advisable to drink the ozonated water, but rather use it solely as a replacement for chemical disinfectants, such as chlorine and 75% alcohol for hand sanitizing.  

Ozone-treated drinking water

If attached further away from a tap, ozone has just enough of a runway through the water pipe to come out as pure water that’s safe for drinking. As it’s traveling through the water pipe, the ozonated water is oxidizing minerals found in hard water and eliminates bacteria. It’s also removing chlorine and other disinfection chemicals that are found in municipal water sources. These are the two main applications for electrolytic ozone generators for the home. 

Health Benefits of adding ozonated water to your home

  1. Ozone can kill bacteria and viruses from water and air. Studies scientifically prove that ozone is the best form of disinfectant, and even more powerful than chlorine. 
  2. Ozonated water is rich in oxygen since ozone gas reverts to oxygen after time. Increased levels of oxygen consumption help the brain function and improve the body’s immune system. 
  3. Using ozonated water for cleaning fruits and vegetables helps reduce residues of pesticides
  4. Ozone water is used in hospitals to sanitize equipment and kill odors. 

Is ozone right for your home?

Ozonated water’s disinfectant properties are robust and its effects have been scientifically proven, plus it leaves no harmful chemical residue behind. Many in the residential sector are implementing ozonated systems to their home plumbing for health and peace of mind. If you are looking for a way to reduce the use of chemical disinfectants and protect yourself and your loved ones against viruses, including preventing Covid-19 at home, visit our website to find the perfect solution for implementing ozone technology in your home.