World Leading Indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generator

All BES products use the world’s leading ozone generation technology, the patented indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generator (iEOG).

Unlike other ozone generators which requires air as a source of oxygen, iEOG technology generates ozone directly from tap water which is completely air independent. 
Electricity is applied to water through an advanced electrolysis technique which produces high purity, high concentration ozone (O3) and oxygen (O2). No other substance besides water is used in the electrolysis, only pure ozone without any harmful by-products (such as NOx) is produced. 

● Meets US OSHA off-gas safety standards
● Requires only tap water and electricity
● Environmentally friendly operation
● Free of toxic by-products
● Low voltage

High Purity Without NOx or Safety Hazards

BES’s indirect electrolytic ozone generator applies advanced electrolysis technology, producing high purity ozone from municipal tap water.

Since 1988, BES Group had started with conventional Corona Discharged ozone technology, especially in the small and medium size ozone application industry. After, realizing the many disadvantages of Corona Discharge systems, we have completely switched our research and development focus on iEOG since then. Today, we’re proud to have the widest range of applications from lifestyle, food & beverage, laundry, medical, and water treatment. 


  • Powered by iEOG – the world leading ozone technology

  • Highest purity of ozone generation

  • Patented ATS (Anytime System) for real-time “Right on Spec” performance

  • No need for an oxygen generator or dehumidifier

  • Not affected by air quality and humidity


  • Require no dry air or oxygen source.

       – susceptible to commercial kitchen environment.

  • Consistent and on-demand ozone production for use.

  • Full time performance monitoring.

  • High standard international warranty service.


  • NOx-free during operation.

       Enable high purity of ozone on-demand without harmful NOx (nitrous oxide gases) by-products.

  • Built-in off gas destructor

       – Enable levels of ozone released into the air to be well below the periodic exposure levels established by OSHA for worker’s safety.


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