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Our goal at BES Group is to provide a clean and sustainable solution for enhancing quality of life while reducing environmental impacts. To achieve our goals, we began in 1988 and continued to actively pursue a high-performance, natural, and by-product free ozone generation technology.

Today, BES is the world leader in Ozone Sanitation Equipment, developing ozone systems since 1988. We focus on utilizing Ozone’s clean and safe antimicrobial power to replace chemical treatments across applications ranging from lifestyle, food safety and sanitation, infection control to industrial water treatment. Our iEOG (indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generator) is a proven and widely applied technology capable of producing high purity ozone output, which leads the industry with more than 50 patents internationally.


At BES Group you can work for one of the world’s leading electrolytic ozone equipment manufacturers and take personal responsibility for your career growth and development. You can help us to achieve our purpose – to help all people live healthy lives! We count on a group of highly talented people who are the best at what they do. At BES Group we value diversity; we value ideas; we value innovation; and we value you! By working at BES Group, you will not only be producing technology marvels, you will be making tomorrow better.

We offer:

● The opportunity to take responsibility for challenging tasks in a growing international enterprise
● Competitive compensation and other benefits
● A career in a young organization with good team spirit
● A relaxed and friendly working environment

We are looking for hard working and innovative individuals with common sense and a strong passion to learn. We hope you are one of the next generation of visionaries who will help shape our business towards continued success in the future.


BES Group is continuously striving for the highest performance with dedication to our ideals of a healthier lifestyle and a greener, safer world. Our products push the innovative limits for ease-of-use, productivity, efficiency, and safety. We are dedicated and passionate about sharing our solutions for revolutionary disinfection performance and constantly strive to develop new opportunities and innovations.


1988 Jun
Biotek Environmental Science Ltd established. The world first Point-of-Use ozone generator supplier.
1989 Oct
First micro CD (Corona Discharged) Ozone Generator in production – 100 mg/hr.
1992 Mar
The most reliable and durable small CD Ozone Generator in production – 250 mg/hr.
1995 Jan
Biotek Environmental Science (UK) Ltd established.
1998 Jun
Introduce the world first air-cooled micro Electrolytic Ozone Generator – 450 mg/hr.
1999 Mar
EOG in production – continuous output – 500 mg/hr with 2,000 hours life time tested and guaranteed (25% reduction).
1999 Oct
Applied Ultra-slim Titanium, instant ozone production – 500 mg/hr , life time improved to 3,000 hours (20% reduction).
2002 Jun
Completed application research and life span test.

2004 Jan
Introduced EOG complete product for residential and commercial application.

2004 Jul
Biotek Environmental Science (China) Ltd established.

2005 Nov
Total more than 40 PCT patents achieved.

2006 Nov
ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

2007 Mar
Light industrial grade 5,000 hours EOG in production.

2007 May
Biotek Environmental Science (Australia) Ltd established.

2008 Jun
Biotek Environmental Science (Hong Kong) Ltd established.

2009 Mar
Introduce the industrial 9,000+ hours EOG.

2010 Apr
Only Supplier of Indoor Drinking Water Fountain for Expo 2010 Shanghai China.


5F, No. 98 Xingde Road, Sanchung,
New Taipei City, Taiwan 24158


Taiwan: +886 285111048
China: +86 136 81684886
F: +886 2 2999 3721