Passion on electrolytic ozone generator since 1988

Biotek Environmental Science (BES) is known as the global leader in Electrolytic Ozone Generation technology.  Since 1988, we continued to actively pursue a high-performance, natural, and by-product free ozone generation technology.

We focus on utilizing Ozone’s clean and safe antimicrobial power to replace chemical treatments across applications ranging from lifestyle, food safety and sanitation, infection control to industrial water treatment. Our iEOG (indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generation) is a proven and widely applied technology capable of producing high purity ozone output, which leads the industry with more than 50 patents internationally.

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Our Happy Clients

Mr. Allen Chang
President of Freser International

Freser International is a multinational commercial beverage and kitchen equipment manufacturer and distributor in Asia Pacific.  BES Group has the best ozone generation technology with high performance and reliability that is engineered specifically for point-of-use applications with continuous innovation and improvement in today’s commercial food and beverage industry.  

After years of distributing BioSure Foodservice product line, we found no other product is even close to its performance.  We’re proud to work together with BES Group since 2007 and  I absolutely recommend BES Group as a loyal partner of integrity.


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